Qingdao BBL Packing Industrial Co., Ltd., established in Qingdao, is committed to recommending the flexitank packing way to customers as well as providing shipping, packaging and installation services.

With our own factories strictly controlled by ISO9001 and ISO22000 in designing and manufacturing, meeting requirements of FDA and EC in quality, BBL is a leading global bulk packaging company providing innovative packaging solutions for the transport and storage of bulk liquid products. At present, BBL has set up a wide network among China and other countries around the world.

BBL also focuses much in innovation and technology. We are dedicated to simplifying the shipment and storage of bulk liquid cargo with high quality warranty. Welcome all customers around the world to have business talks us.

Company Culture and Concept

Principle: Self-discipline and Social Commitment
Motto: Better Quality and Service Forever
Spirit: Manage tough jobs and Perfect normal jobs
Concept: No excuses for failure, but only efforts toward success.

Our Faith
Quality first in international competition
Execution is more important more management.
Success is to do simple things repeatedly and perfectly.
Development depends on team-work but not self-performance.
  Our Features
Our standard flexitank is made of the best materials available.
Multi-layer design using Food-Grade 125 micron and 250 micron polyethylene with and outer layer of exceptionally strong and durable polypropylene fabric.
Suitable for most food products and non-hazardous chemicals.
Sizes available from 16000 to 24000 litres.
Cost effective and considerably cheaper than tank containers, drums and IBC's
15% more payload than IBCs
44% more payload than drums
50% more payload than bottles
No cleaning cost
Low labour for handling, filling and loading
Very low positioning costs
Door to door delivery
Faster loading compared to drums and IBCs
Lower product loss for unloading
No need for forklift to load or unload container
No need for intermediate bulk storage
Available in remote areas
Clean and environment friendly, recyclable
No risk of contamination
No demurrage on flexitank only on container
No return loads needed
Maximized payload due to lightweight
No delays due to obtaining bulk tanks because of the imbalance of global freight traffic

We can offer you the easiest operating and best money saving way for liquid transport.

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