Our Commitment

  • Provide the highest quality flexis
  • Free installation instruction and training
  • Total global logistics solutions and support services
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Training and certification of loading/unloading process at customer locations worldwide
  • Assistance in proper disposal and recycling
  • Immediate Emergency Response

Our advantages
Material advantage
BBL operates multi-ply disposable flexitanks developed from the latest ultra high tensile PE and high-tech aramid PP woven fiber.
One time integral molding tubular type PP eliminates longitudinal seams thus reducing the risks of defects or failures. Each 10cm out layer reinforcing rib means enhanced physical strength, durability and safety resulting with improved containment.

Automatic Airvent Valve
Automatically release of air pressure when it is more than 0.0065Mpa inside the flexitank, which would make sure the tank and the cargo are always safe during operation.

Ball valve
Compared with traditional butterfly valve, ball valve is sealed more closely and with better resistance to pressure. There is no block when the valve is open, making the liquid flow in and out freely and quickly.
In the joint position between internal valve and flexitank, a safety protection device is added, which will prevent inner film layer blocking the valve effectively and make residual liquid the minimum after discharging.

Why BBL flexitank compared with other packaging methods?

BBL Flexitanks convert a standard 20¡¯ container into a 24 ton bulk liquid hauler.

  • flexitank size is 16,000 ¨C 24,000 liters
  • food-grade, single use flexitanks are reclaimable and recyclable
  • no cleaning, repositioning, or round trip leases required
  • less product loss and residue
  • can reduce carbon emissions by up to 50%

ISO tanks ¨C up to 26,000 liters

  • expensive to purchase cost
  • round trip leases
  • cleaning, servicing and repositioning each trip%
Ship in flexitanks with no additional costs

55 gallon drums ¨C 80/truck; 16,640 liters total

  • will not palletize for export
  • expensive to ship empty, relocate and clean
  • significant environmental hazard
Flexitank payload is 31% more than drums


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